Vegas Lucky Dragon Casino Wants Bankruptcy Sale

The Lucky Dragon casino in Las Vegas recently declared bankruptcy. The property located on 300 W. Sahara Ave. never had good luck and may have been doomed from the start. But the developers are hoping to recoup some of their investment through bankruptcy court. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, they’d like to collect […]

Colorado Shuts Down Skill-Based Gambling Games

Colorado recently passed a law that bans skill-based slot machines. The businesses previously argued that these are legal games of skill. However, politicians and police have worked together to shut down these businesses. Undercover Denver Police recently raided shops that were still offering skill-based gambling machines, even after politicians requested that they be shut down. […]

How Does the Mystery Slots Jackpot Work?

Drake Casino offers three different progressive jackpots, including the Mystery Jackpot. You may wonder what this means, given that the name isn’t all that descriptive. But the Mystery Jackpot isn’t too difficult to figure out once you get an explanation. That said, I’m going to discuss what this prize is along with how you can […]

Mark Wahlberg Opening Restaurant at Atlantic City Revel

The Atlantic City Revel will re-open as Ocean Resort Casino in the near future. And the casino resort will have a celebrity tenet in famed actor Mark Wahlberg. The long-time Hollywood star will open one of his Wahlburgers restaurants at Ocean Resort. He’ll also launch a bar called Entourage in honor of the hit HBO […]

Betsoft Slots RTP – Which Betsoft Games Pay the Most?

Betsoft has made a good name for themselves in the online slots industry by producing high-quality 3D games. Their themes, characters, and stellar graphics have made them one of the most-popular game makers in the slots field. If you enjoy Betsoft slots, chances are that you also want to know what games offer the highest […]

Tiger’s Claw Slots Review

Siberian tigers are found in remote regions of Russia (Siberia), China, and North Korea. Tiger’s Claw slots takes off on both the Siberian tiger, and the rural region they live in. This 720-ways also has some interesting features that back up the unique theme. I’m going to discuss these features along with everything else that […]

Casino Dominos – A Future Casino Gaming Hit?

People have been playing games with dominoes for years. But the American casino industry has never taken a serious interest in using dominoes to haul in gaming profits. This could change, though, in the near future. A former UNLV student is working on a dominoes-based casino game that could become very popular. Let’s discuss what […]

Easy Jack – The Future of Blackjack?

Blackjack has many different variations. But the main version that’s featured in casinos is 21, where players try to beat the dealer’s score without going over 21. However, there’s a new version of blackjack that could disrupt the game’s traditional channels. “Easy Jack” is a simpler blackjack variation that may be the game’s future. Let’s […]

Gambling Granny “Losing Lois” Arrested on Double Murder Charges

Lois Riess, also known as the Gambling Granny and Losing Lois, has been arrested in Texas on double murder charges. The 56-year-old is accused of killing her husband in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. She fled the state and is believed to have killed Pamela Hutchinson in Fort Myers, Florida. Authorities suspect that Losing Lois committed the […]

Michael Jordan Appears in Blackjack Satire Piece

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player ever. And he was also one of the toughest players, as his legendary flu game can attest to. Like many basketball old-timers, Jordan probably thinks that the players of today’s three-point-gunning, social-media-savvy league are soft. Apparently, Jordan also thinks that casino blackjack players are soft […]