Drake Casino Super Slots Jackpot Worth Over $75k

Our Super Slots Jackpot grows larger and larger these days before it’s hit. Usually hitting around the $55,000 range, the jackpot was won for $67,018 last month. And now it’s surpassed $75k as we head into March. At this exact moment, the Super Slots Jackpot sits at $75,675 and could be won at any moment. […]

UK Supreme Court will Hear Phil Ivey’s $12m Appeal

Famed gambler Phil Ivey hasn’t fared well in his baccarat lawsuits with Crockfords and the Borgata, losing a combined $22 million through judge decisions. But he may still have a chance to win the Crockfords case because the UK Supreme Court has agreed to hear his appeal. “The Supreme Court is the UK’s highest court […]

Meet the Barefoot Doctor Turned Casino Billionaire

Dubbed Madame Chairlady, Cui Lijie now owns two-thirds of the shares in the Hong Kong-traded Imperial Pacific International Holdings. Imperial Pacific owns Best Sunshine Live, a casino on the U.S. Pacific island of Saipan, which attracts even more high rollers than the Venetian Macao. This is quite a rise for Lijie, who gained her fame […]

Fat Goalkeeper Eats Pie – Resigns for Gambling Scandal

Wayne Shaw is by no means an elite footballer in Britain. In fact, he was a player/coach for the fifth-division Sutton United, playing backup goalkeeper because the team can’t bring on unnecessary reserves. But Shaw took center stage when Arsenal visited Sutton’s tiny 5,013-seat stadium – a match that Arsenal easily win 2-0. Shaw didn’t […]

Should Vegas Gambling Age be Lowered to 18?

Ever since Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, the minimum gambling age has been 21. But Assemblyman Jim Wheeler (R-Gardnerville) wants to change this with Assembly Bill 86. The legislation calls for Nevada to lower the legal gambling age to 18, which would allow older teens to gamble in Las Vegas casinos. According to Wheeler, the […]

17 Year Old Lottery Winner Jane Park Says £1m Ruined Her Life

For most 17 year olds, winning £1 million would be cause for celebration. Such was the case for Scotland’s Jane Park…at least for a while anyways. Four years ago, she became EuroMillions youngest-ever winner at age 17. At a point when many teens are working minimum-wage jobs for a little spending money, Park was splashing […]

Sin City Nights Slots Review

Many online slots have been made about Las Vegas, but few capture its essence like Sin City Nights. This 5-reel, 25-payline game takes you to the bright streets of Vegas, where you can rack up a number of bonuses and big wins thanks to an Exploding Reels feature. Let’s take a closer look at how […]

Ican Will Sell Shuttered Trump Taj Mahal Casino

Opened in 1990 and dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Trump Taj Mahal casino is an interesting chapter in Atlantic City history. But that chapter came to a close this past fall, when billionaire Carl Icahn shut the Taj Mahal down. Still shuttered, the casino is now for sale. Icahn, a special adviser […]

What’s on the Drake Casino Slots Tournament Schedule?

People have been playing online slots and other games at internet casinos for over 20 years. And the reason why is because they’re fun! But sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and play online casino tournaments. If this sounds appealing to you, check out what you can expect from Drake Casino’s slots tourney schedule. […]

Zimba and Friends Slot Review

New at Drake Casino, Zimba and Friends is a 5-reel, 12-line slot that takes place in the heart of an African rainforest. This forest is teaming with wildlife, including Zimba the lion, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, and zebras. Add some great features, and you’ve got one fun jungle adventure! What are the features? Is this a […]