Drake Casino Super Slots Jackpot Worth Over $75k

Our Super Slots Jackpot grows larger and larger these days before it’s hit. Usually hitting around the $55,000 range, the jackpot was won for $67,018 last month. And now it’s surpassed $75k as we head into March. At this exact moment, the Super Slots Jackpot sits at $75,675 and could be won at any moment. […]

UK Supreme Court will Hear Phil Ivey’s $12m Appeal

Famed gambler Phil Ivey hasn’t fared well in his baccarat lawsuits with Crockfords and the Borgata, losing a combined $22 million through judge decisions. But he may still have a chance to win the Crockfords case because the UK Supreme Court has agreed to hear his appeal. “The Supreme Court is the UK’s highest court […]