Slots Winner Says No to Steak – Sues for $43 Million Jackpot

Last year, Katrina Bookman was riding high after hitting a $43 million slots jackpot at New York’s Resorts World Casino. But this dream win quickly turned into a nightmare when casino officials told her that the win was due to a machine malfunction. Their consolation offer: a free steak dinner and a $2.25 slots payout. […]

The Angler Slots Review

Even if you have a passing interest in fishing, you need to check out The Angler slots. This 5-reel, 20-line game features cinematic animations, 3D graphics, a special bonus round, and a hearty fisherman looking for a big catch. Keep reading as we cover all the details on The Angler. And you can also give […]

Why aren’t Slots Big in Macau?

Macau has the world’s largest gambling market, earning $28 billion in 2016. This is much larger than Las Vegas’ haul of $11.1 billion in the same year. But despite Macau’s dominance in overall gaming, their slot machines lag behind Las Vegas. Why is this the case? Find out as we cover Macau’s slot struggles and […]

Research Shows Blackjack Popularity has Plummeted since 1987

Blackjack is an interesting game because it has a low house edge and stimulating strategy. But according to a recent report by UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research, blackjack isn’t stimulating enough these days. Their research shows that blackjack popularity has spiraled downward over the past three decades. In fact, blackjack has lost 25% of its […]

World Leaders Slots Review

If you enjoy politics, then you should definitely consider checking out World Leaders slots. This game combines several of the world’s most-recognizable politicians with cool features and 3 progressive jackpots. Let’s continue discussing these features and jackpots below along with more on World Leaders. Also note that you can play World Leaders here for free. […]

Bluebeard’s Gold Slots Review

Bluebeard’s Gold is a fun pirate adventure that sees you search for buried treasure on the slot reels. This 5-reel, 25-line game contains a number of classic pirate-themed symbols. And if you find the map to buried treasure, you can earn a large amount of free money! This review covers everything you need to know […]

7th Heaven Slots Review

7th Heaven feels like a combination of a fruit slot and spy adventure. The latter comes from the high-tech music that makes this feel like a Bond movie. The fruit aspect comes from the symbols, which hearken back to classic games. Obviously this strange combination needs more explaining, which we’ll do throughout this review. And […]

Caesars Already Pulling Skill-based Games from AC Casinos

Over the past year, the gaming industry has wondered how skill-based machines will fare on casino floors. And the result is already in for Caesars – skill-based gaming is a disappointment. The company has already pulled skill-based games from its Atlantic City casino floors, including Bally’s, Caesars Palace, and Harrah’s. The Press of Atlantic City […]

Metropolis Slot Review

Metropolis is a 5-reel, 9-line slot that takes you into a futuristic city. Along the way, you’ll see a variety of cool robots that line the city landscape. More importantly, you’ll also have the chance to unlock some cool features. Let’s discuss what these features are along with everything else you’ll find in this game. […]

It Came from Venus Slots Review

This is a quirky slot that centers on a giant plant that falls from Venus to Earth. The farmer who finds the plant develops a strange bond with it. He even tries to keep the Venus flytrap hidden from government agents. Does this odd story translate well to the reels? Find out in this review, […]