Phil Ivey Loses Baccarat Appeal Worth $10.1 Million

Professional gambler Phil Ivey lost a big baccarat lawsuit in 2016. And a federal judge has ordered him to finally pay up on the $10.1 million that he owes the Borgata. U.S. District Judge Noel L. Hillman rejected Ivey’s request for a stay of judgment, which would delay the payment. Ivey argued that paying such […]

Prereveal Slots – Why They’re Illegal & Why the Law Hates Them

Florida state judges recently ruled that prereveal slots found in bars across the state are illegal. Some Florida businesses thought that they could offer prereveal machines (a.k.a. Version 67), because they differ from traditional slots. But they were proven wrong when state judges ruled against the unlicensed games. Keep reading to find out more about […]