Beating Roulette with Electronic Devices

Roulette is normally considered a luck-based game where the house holds a slight edge. But perhaps roulette is a beatable game if you understand the physics behind it and have a computer to measure these physics. In the late 1970s, Doyne Farmer and a group of graduate students attempted to use this knowledge to beat […]

Woman Turns $1k Roulette Bet Into $35k on Birthday

Northern California resident Leslie Sategna has been making the same roulette bet once every decade to celebrate her birthday. And this time, at the ARIA casino in Las Vegas, Satenga got a huge windfall on her birthday. Like she has each decade, Sategna wagered on the number 16, which has 37:1 odds of winning and […]

Lilly’s Pad Slot – New at Drake Casino

As the name implies, this game takes you to a hopping pond where you’ll find frogs, dragonflies, herons, fish, lizards, and even alligators. Obviously this pond isn’t good for swimming with alligators lurking underneath, but it’s definitely good for winning big prizes. This is especially the case with the dragonfly wilds, 2 progressive jackpots, and […]

4 Advantages of Playing Online Slots Tournaments

Online slots tournaments are an excellent way to try these exciting games in a different format. And if you haven’t tried a slots tournament yet, then here are 4 good reasons for doing so. 1. Entry Fees Are Low One great thing about playing in an online slots tournament is that you won’t have to […]

Wolves Like Gambling More than Dogs

While a famous C. M. Coolidge painting shows dogs playing poker, perhaps it should be wolves in the painting. After all, a recent Messerli Research Institute study shows that wolves are much bigger gamblers than dogs. The research reveals that wolves are more prone to taking risks when it comes to food. The study gave […]

UK Shopkeeper Wins £111k in Blackjack

Most big casino winners do so through slots games, but a British shop owner recently made his fortune through blackjack. The 39-year-old Coventry native won £111,698 while playing blackjack at Grosvenor Casino (Ricoh Arena). The man was playing the casino’s new Ace-King Suited side bet game, which gives players a chance to win one of […]

Top 5 Super Slots Jackpot Games

If you’ve played at Drake Casino before, then you may be aware of the Super Slots Jackpot, which offers a progressive jackpot linked to over a dozen games. It’s fun to try all of these slots in pursuit of the Super Slots Jackpot, which normally hits in the $45,000 – $55,000 range. But what are […]

Vegas Tightening Comps for Profits

Las Vegas is supposed to be the premier place to get comps when you play casino games. But these days, Vegas casinos are tightening their comps and making sure that only serious gamblers get the good freebies. During a recent visit to Sin City, New York Post writer Michael Kaplan noted how limited the comps […]

5 Winning Tips for Baccarat

Baccarat has two things going for it: 1) it’s easy to play, and 2) the house edge is only 1.06% with proper strategy. So what is proper baccarat strategy? And what else do you need to know to beat this game. Find out below as we discuss 5 essential tips for winning in baccarat. 1. […]

3 Tips Before You Play Mobile Blackjack

In contrast to land-based casino blackjack, the mobile version isn’t as intimidating. After all, you don’t have to worry about table etiquette, and the software prevents you from breaking rules. But it’s still good to know a few things before you start playing mobile blackjack – especially if you want to win some money. That […]